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Features Overview



Features Overview

All features are included as standard and if you get stuck, just contact your UK-based account manager!

Drag & drop designer

Simple to use drag & drop designer

Design responsive emails from scratch without ever having to see a line of code and easily create templates that look exactly how you want them.

Use the included wireframe templates to get up and running quickly, or create custom reusable templates using our template markup to define editable content and draggable sections.

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View, compare & download campaign stats

Detailed reports for every campaign sent are generated in real-time to provide insights & analysis for opens, clicks, delivery, bounced emails and more.

Mmunicmail has easy integration with Google Analytics and website conversion tracking and data can be downloaded as CSV or accessed through the API.

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Lists & segmentation

Easily upload, manage and segment your lists

Effective tools designed to simplify list management while continual monitoring & automated cleansing helps in keeping your data clean.

Use our powerful segmentation tools to deliver tailored content to your users. Create targeted lists based on customer data and email engagement tracking.

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Step-by-step automation

Our drag & drop designer makes it easy to create automated decision based workflows.

Custom design any user journey for things like travel reminders, birthday emails, welcome programmes that process automated decisions and deliver timely, relevant and highly personalised emails.

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mmunic mail integrates with many other apps and allows developers to create custom integrations

The templates are flexible and easy to modify, they look modern and integrate with the website and social media platforms. Uploading data and distributing campaigns is simple and the statistics I am provided with are very in depth and invaluable. I am getting much more out of my email campaigns now than I was with other systems. - Emma Hodgeson, marketing supervisor, S Jones Containers

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