Email marketing done the right way

Email marketing makes our hearts flutter – and with its massive returns on investment, it’s too powerful not to be in your marketing mix.

Why choose email marketing

Email marketing delivers £38 back for every £1 spent

Yes, you read that right. Although it’s one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, with its whopping 38:1 return on investment, email marketing remains one of the most powerful, versatile and cost-effective tools in your digital marketing mix.

It used to be as simple as writing your message, adding some images, and BCC’ing your address book. But email marketing is more sophisticated than ever before, allowing you to build closer, personalised relationships with your customers that directly and efficiently benefit your bottom line.

Our goal is to make the evolving complexities of email marketing as simple and profitable for your business, starting with understanding your sales funnel and marketing strategy and where email marketing can really stand to fit in with it. From there, our team of designers and email marketing gurus will build campaigns that deliver results as beautiful as your emails look.

We help you get more from your email marketing.

The world of email marketing can be a daunting place to keep up with.  That’s why we don’t believe in just handing you a few email templates and sending you on your way. We bring all of our experience, knowledge and skill to each campaign we help you deliver – ensuring you get better results each time.

Eye catching designs

Your audience's inboxes are crowded places. We make sure your emails stand out every time.

Smarter sending

We boost how well your campaigns perform with smarter sending, such as automation and split testing.

End-to-end testing

We'll help you navigate the plethora of inbox types to make sure your emails look and perform 100%.

Expert support

As an extension of your marketing team, we're here to help with friendly telephone and email support.

We design and deliver outstanding email marketing campaigns...

Beautiful, captivating email marketing starts with a solid understanding of your audience – their interests, locations and preferences. 

From there, it’s about crafting and designing content that will not only appeal to them, but also perform well across the huge range of email clients and device types available

Website design that's mobile first and device friendly

...that keep your audience coming back for more.

Email marketing helps boost all your key marketing performance indicators – increasing sales, growing your social media presence, attracting website visitors or simply increasing brand awareness.

And with the simplicity of targeting your emails even further with personalisation, automations and segementation, modern email marketing allows you to make your content more relevant and engaging than ever before.

Data is the fuel that powers email marketing – your lists, email addresses and audiences – and with data protection high on the radar for all marketers, it’s an important topic too.

You might wonder whether email marketing is for you if you don’t already have a healthy list of leads and contacts to email. Fear not – we can help grow your lists the organic way (meaning without resorting to buying dodgy lists that can damage your campaigns and muck up your sending reputation).

We’ll help you capture new subscribers and build quality lists of contacts genuinely interested in your products and services with engaging sign up forms and lead generators that get the message out that your emails are too good to miss.

Lists & Subscribers

Build your email marketing audience

Email marketing solution

Our email marketing platform, your incredible results

We believe that good email marketing deserves more than faceless, self-service email marketing platforms. That’s why we’ve invested in our own advanced platform for our customers, giving you full control over your email marketing campaigns with personalised support available from us. We call it mmunicMail, and we can’t wait to introduce you to it.

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