Introducing our new services and brand

2020 may be shaping up to be the wildest year in modern history, but at mmunic, we’ve committed to making it a great one with the launch of our new services and brand.

Between remote working, lockdowns, post-lockdowns and second-lockdowns, the rollercoaster ride of this year has left the mmunic team with an opportunity to look at new ways in which we can help our customers get more from their marketing. After all, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that your business’s digital presence is more important than ever.

Until now, mmunic’s offering for our customers has been almost entirely email-marketing based. We’ve helped businesses worldwide get more from their email marketing solution for over 15 years, whether that’s through managed email marketing services, or through access to our dedicated email marketing platform and top-notch personalised support from our friendly team of email marketing experts.

But the historic experience businesses around the world have faced this year has awoken us all to a massive wave of change in digital marketing. And as a digital marketing agency, we’re here to help you through that by offering the tools, knowledge and skills your business needs to help you to connect with your audience – whatever platform they’re on.

Introducing our new range of complementary digital marketing services

New services from mmunic: website design

Website Design: Make your most important digital presence shine. Create an engaging, customer-focused website and lay the springboard from which your digital marketing strategy can flourish. From design to user experience and testing, we’ll make sure your audience gets the right first impression.

New services from mmunic: social media management

Social Media Management: Beautifully designed, results-driven social media campaigns. Connect with your audience at a personal level through the channels they love most. We deliver consistent, on-brand and carefully considered messages that boost your online presence on the platforms most relevant to your business.

And of course…

Services from mmunic: email marketing

Email Marketing: Get more from your email marketing opportunities. Say goodbye to faceless self-service email marketing platforms and hello to carefully managed email communications.

(Just need an email marketing platform? No worries – we can help out with that too.)

Brand new website

Not only have we enhanced our service offering, we’ve also updated our website completely. We wanted to give our visitors an even easier and streamlined experience when exploring our site. It should also make it simpler to work out which of our services are best for you.

Our website has been designed with you in mind. No complications, just easy information. Want to know more about Social Media Management? We have a page for that. Want to know more about Website Design and its many variations? We have a page for that too. We’ve even got a whole section of our site dedicated to our email marketing platform, where you can book a demo or raise a support ticket instantly. We’ve kept it simple and to the point, exactly how it should be.

We’ve even launched an exciting new blog, filled with marketing tips, tricks and insights from our designers at the studio!

Brand new brand

As we move into a new era of digital adaptation and transformation, there’s no better time to give the mmunic brand a lick of paint too.


Our old logo
mmunic's new logo
Our new logo

Behind every brand is a logo to represent them. Our previous iteration of the mmunic logo had our tagline – “the heart of communication” –  front and centre, but we’ve removed that to reflect our new wider service offerings. We’ve also updated our logo colour with a more vibrant shade of pink. Happily, our new pink is now clear and consistent on all types of devices, screens and colour schemes (including high contrast!).


To complement mmunic’s new shade of pink, we sat down as a team to work out our new brand colours. We decided on a palette of vibrant colours that we feel best represents us, our ethos and our services.

Pink has always been a core colour of mmunic’s brand, so our updated shade of pink was our starting point. From there, we added dark purple to bring out the vibrancy of our pink, and then aqua for highlights. We mixed in darker tones of each of those colours, and ta-da: out come our new, contemporary colour palette.

Sure, it’s not a standard colour palette for either digital marketing agencies or software-as-a-service providers. But given our mission to help businesses stand out from the crowd, it makes sense that our brand itself stands out from the crowd too.

mmunic's new brand colour palette


To go with our updated colour palette, we needed a font that’s just as modern. We’ve chosen Lato as our main header and body font – we just can’t enough of its readability and clarity! It also looks fabulous in all its weights and sizes.

Oh, and for added convenience – it’s a Google Font, meaning it’s widely accessible on the web. You can even find it in our email marketing platform, mmunicMail.

mmunic's new font, Lato.

Illustrations and artwork

Images, artwork and icons should enhance a brand, not substitute for it. We’ve been really careful choosing a selection of photographic images that reflect our modern new look, the mmunic ethos and the wide range of industries that our customers work in. It’s really important to us that both our personality as a business and our customers themselves are reflected in our images.

In addition to our photographic images, we’ve designed a custom range of dynamic icons to enhance each of the services – new and old! – that we offer. We use these sparingly across our website, to complement our most important stand out text. Where we need to use a lot of icons to illustrate a concept, we’re using Font Awesome for its flexibility and clean designs.

Ready to learn more?

To see how we’ve brought all our new services to life with our new brand and learn about our enhanced offering, be sure to check out our home page and explore our new website from there.

Also make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest blog content straight to your inbox, and keep an eye on our social feeds to follow us as our new brand matures.

And of course, if you’re ready to take a deeper dive and learn how our new (and existing!) services can benefit your business, come and say hello anytime!

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Team mmunic

Team mmunic

We're a team of out of this world digital marketing specialists based in Chester, United Kingdom.


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