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Terms of Use / Anti-Spam Policy

Terms of Use/Anti Spam Policy

As an established email service provider responsible for delivering a high volume of email each year, we take email legislation, permission and best practice very seriously. Preventing Spam related abuse is a very important part of what we do and as a result we require anyone that uses (each person being a “User”) our service provided at (“Solution”) to follow our Terms of Use policy. Those that violate any part of this policy run the risk of having their account suspended or terminated. Continual monitoring is in place on all of the IP addresses within our network ranges and in addition we monitor FBL complaint rates, soft bounces and hard bounces to ensure that our Solution is not responsible for Spam related abuse.


Explicit permission to send emails to an inbox is what is ultimately required and examples of how permission can be granted, but not limited to, are opt-in through website registration or checkout, giving you permission in person, as part of a survey or during a telephone conversation or giving you their business card. Permission is required for all email addresses and if the source or opt-in preference of the data is in question then it should be regarded as unacceptable for use within the Solution.

Unacceptable use

Our Solution must never be used to harass individuals, send offensive messages or promote anything illegal and all Users of the Solution must operate within applicable email laws. Regardless of email legislation, we do not allow the use of purchased, loaned, rented or third-party provider B2C lists. These kind of lists are basically Spam by another name so do not attempt to import them into the Solution. In our experience there are certain types of content that people do not want and as a result generate higher complaint rates. Therefore, we do not allow email content of these types to be sent through the Solution:
  • Bankruptcy, debt repair or debt consolidation
  • List rental services
  • Stocks and shares trading
  • Personal credit, loans and mortgages
  • Affiliate or multi-level marketing
  • Adult personal services

Best practice

Everything is urgent but that is never a reason to overlook best practice. Not taking the time to implement the best practice approach will more than likely end up with you being labelled as senders of Spam.
  • DKIM and SPF are mandatory. Never send emails that aren’t using these two email authentication standards
  • Ensure Feedback Loop (FBL) Complaints are being processed
  • Use custom sending and click tracking domains and not generic / shared domains
  • Suppress old and unresponsive email addresses
  • When emails aren't opened for 9 months take those email addresses out
There are automated software checks within the Solution that report on identifiable issues but all Users must take full responsibility for implementing best practice methods in the correct manner.

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