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Extend the capabilities of mmunic mail through integration with database solutions, web metrics and social media or completely customise the way you work through integration with our API.


Litmus is integrated as standard and generates previews of how email templates looks in all major email clients and on mobile devices. This features also produces results for 15 mail filter tests to help keep emails out of the junk folder.
The Return Path Sender Score is a standard feature and provides information about how a sender’s reputation compares to other email senders, and how it is likely to be evaluated by mailbox providers.
80 blacklists are monitored and reported on every 12 hours to provide a current and accurate view of any blocks relating to dedicated IP addresses.


For companies that use Goldmine CRM, this is perfect solution for all you email marketing needs. Goldmail combines the security of on-premise software with the efficiency and scalability of the cloud. Goldmail is fully integrated into Goldmine allowing for list management, targeted campaigns and of course, quality follow up action to be scheduled.
Sugar is an affordable and easy to use customer relationship management (CRM) platform, designed to help businesses communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy.
FastStats Discoverer visualisation tool for train of thought analysis and marketing insight. It enables data exploration, data mining analysis and customer understanding and can communicate directly with mmunic mail to create campaign lists and retrieve response metrics.
Highrise is a great CRM solution for small businesses that want a simple and cost-effective method for managing contacts and sales opportunities. Connect Highrise to seamlessly automate the creation of email campaign lists. is probably the most widely used SaaS CRM available today and provides an easy way for businesses to manage customer data, prospects and sales leads. Salesforce integration makes it easy to import contacts and related data automatically into lists.

Web Metrics

Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site and how you can keep them coming back.
IBM Coremetric integration for advanced online analytics helps to measure and improve the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.
Adobe Analytics provides real-time dashboard reporting that helps to identify the most profitable paths through digital assets, determine where visitors are navigating away, and measurement of critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns.

Tracking & Response

With the addition of a small code snippet into websites, mmunic mail can track and record calls to action generated through email campaigns. Conversion tracking provides an in-depth analysis of ROI within campaign reports and enables segmentation to be refined using the data captured.
Triggered Messaging provides real-time shopping basket and browser recovery. Associate user abandonment with Event Triggers within mmunic mail to create dynamic messaging and live recovery of user interaction.
2Prompt enables Brand Owners to re-engage those customers instantaneously using targeted offers that encourage them to buy.


No coding or development required to connect Facebook pages and enable auto-posting of customised promotional content as campaigns are sent.
Connect accounts to Twitter and enable auto-posting of customised promotional content as campaigns are sent without the need for any coding or development.


Manage Templates, List, Events and access all reports for each Client using the API. The agency level API enables complete management of Clients, logins and billing history.
Geckoboard widgets enable monitoring of real-time data from multiple sources within one simple and easy to use dashboard application.

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