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mmunicMail is regularly updated to bring you new features and make your experience as streamlined as possible.

Email Design & Testing

You get a better response with emails that are designed and tested properly.
All you need are the right tools.

Create personal messages using easy to insert merge tags into any email template.

Preview email templates across 30+ email clients and devices and get screenshots in minutes.

Testing & Approval
Collaborate over email template designs and reduce the time it takes to get client sign-off with approval, rejection and feedback functions on tests.

Dynamic Content
Get creative using simple coding that opens up limitless possibilities for creating user specific content.

Send to a Friend
No coding required, just drop in a simple merge tag and allow users to share any email campaign.

Image Hosting
Upload as many images as you want and benefit from super-fast Amazon AWS image hosting.

Other Features:

  • Live personalisation preview
  • Mail filter testing
  • Link checker
  • Extensive HTML validation
  • Auto-generate text version
  • Gmail promotions tab support
  • Free responsive email templates

Lists, Targeting & Data Cleansing

Effective tools designed to simplify list management while continual monitoring and automated cleansing keeps your data clean.

Unlimited Data Storage
Create as many lists as needed and upload an unlimited number of user records.

Drag & Drop Importing
Easy importing lets you drag CSV files onto the screen for an instant preview of your data.

Simple rules to create targeted segments that combine user data, response and activity information.

Automated Data Cleansing
Lists are kept clean and puts a stop to repeatedly emailing known to be bad data.

Seed Lists
Time saving feature that adds selected people to every campaign that gets sent.

Design custom forms to add users to lists, send auto-responders and alert your team of activity.

Other Features:

  • Limitless storage
  • Custom fields
  • Store structured data
  • Usage controls
  • List performance tracking

Email Campaign Reporting

Powerful analysis provides real-time insight into campaign delivery, response and sender reputation.

Real-Time Reports
Deliverability, response and reputation data provides real-time analysis and reporting.

Split Testing
Optimise response rates by testing out different subject lines and email content.

Engagement Analysis
Discover where people are, what device they use through in-depth analysis of response data.

Tracked Email Replies
Email reply management is simplified with an ‘inbox’ view within email campaign reports.

Delivery Throttle
Control delivery speed to help build sender reputation and manage response rates of engaging campaigns.

Geo-Location Reporting
IP address based reporting to track where in the world users are opening emails.

Other Features:

  • Visual click map
  • Conversion tracking
  • Auto-posting onto Facebook & Twitter
  • Social Share tracking
  • Hard & Soft Bounce analysis
  • Google Analytics integration

Automation & Transactional Messaging

Intelligent transactional and behaviour related actions that create powerful marketing automations.

Instantly send welcome emails, booking confirmations and any other kind of transactional email.

Click Events
Add simple coding to email templates that tag users and send auto-responders.

Web Hooks
Communicate with other solutions as users complete calls-to-action or reach website goals.

Set conditional rules that trigger actions and can send users a customised series of email.

Date Triggers
Create birthday, anniversary or use custom dates to trigger tracked and personalised recurring emails.

Dynamic Content
Easily personalise and create custom rules for displaying content using the Template Language.

Other Features:

  • Add or remove users from lists
  • Tag users
  • Control trigger frequency
  • Multi-user triggers

Managing Sender Reputation

Help with taking the best practice approach and staying on top of potentially damaging deliverability issues.

Custom Domains
Personalise the identity of email campaigns with custom sending and click tracking domains.

Blacklist Monitoring
Manage potential deliverability issues with alerts from more than 80 blacklists.

Dedicated IP Addresses
Protect sender reputation and remove the risk of deliverability issues created by other senders.

User Complaints
Automated complaint handling through AOL, Yahoo! and Microsoft Feedback Loops.

Email Authentication
Emails secured with digital signing and monitoring ensures DKIM and SPF issues are highlighted.

Sender Score
Return Path Sender Score is reported on every 12 hours for all dedicated IP addresses.

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