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mmunic are an email marketing agency who are passionate about delivering beautiful and effective communication for all of our clients. We know that the world of email marketing can be a daunting place, so we invite you to take advantage of our knowledge, experience and expertise which, coupled with our email marketing platform mmunicMail, takes the complexity out of email marketing making your communications impressive, effective and professional.

We design

The way your emails look in your recipient’s inbox is the key to your success. Our team of graphic designers are passionate about creating beautiful email campaigns for you. Stand out from the crowd and entice your audience to engage.

We build

Our team hand-code all of our managed campaigns making them fully responsive to all devices. With years of HTML and CSS knowledge we make sure your email is fully compliant with the ever changing world of email marketing.

We test

Do you have the time to test your emails for rendering issues and spam traps? Our system cleverly integrates with a testing tool that renders your email in 30+ different email clients, letting you see that your campaign will reach the inbox and look fantastic.

We send

Are you doing more harm than good by not letting an expert send out your emails properly? DNS entries and SPF records contribute to the deliverability of your email – let us take the hassle out of your day by taking care of your sending.

The team are knowledgeable and experienced, which takes the complexity out of our email marketing. I have been impressed with how the system has allowed us to be more strategic in our email targeting, which has improved our ROI. I would recommend mmunic over all other email systems. – Shirley-Ann O’Neill (MA, MCIM) – Director, Black Mango Ltd.

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